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Glee: Where Have Rachel’s Dads Been All Our Lives?

Dear Glee producers,

Fans finally got to meet Mr. and Mr. Berry on Tuesday’s episode, and we have to ask: is it too soon to send them valentines?

Hiram and Leroy Berry, played by Jeff Goldblumand Brian Stokes Mitchell, arrived the only way men who raised gold star-loving, solo-hogging Rachel Berry would: on a rolling piano while singing “Chapel of Love.” What’s not to like? Seamless chemistry, witty back-and-forth about ice-fishing with Tony Danza (it was only one dream!) and Jennifer Hudson's vocal rolls (that's why she got kicked off of American Idol, after all)… swoon.

Even when it looked like the Berrys were really super gung-ho to marry off their teenager, Papa Berrys revealed their true intentions. Of course they want to break up Finchel! Here Finn, take a look at what married life — and Rachel’s preposterous beauty regimen — really means. A slightly devious and completely controlling plan… hmmm, sounds just like Rachel! Awww! Rachel’s backstory is finally coming together!

But the episode begged the question: Why haven’t we met them sooner? Rachel finding her real birth mother, Shelby, back in Season 1 was a huge storyline, yet Hiram and Leroy were nowhere to be seen. Now that Rachel’s time as a McKinley High student is running out faster than you can say Liza, can we please see more of the Berrys?

We know Glee already has plenty of other storylines and characters to service, but as graduation and her May nuptials draw near, Rachel is going to need to lean on her dads for emotional support and guidance, right? And, aside from those few bars of “You’re the Top,” Goldblum and Mitchell haven’t even gotten a chance to show off their Broadway pipes.

Come on, Glee producers. Make it happen. The Berrys are the funniest thing to happen to the showsince Brittany’s last zinger back in Episode 6.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Rachel’s dads are doing the right thing by lying to their baby? Do you agree with Mercedes’ tough decision? Who really believes that Rory is going back to Ireland? Sound off below!

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