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The Bridesmaids Scene

  • Rachel: Thanks so much for coming with me today, you guys, to help me pick out a dress and try on all of yours.
  • Santana: Me and the color pink have been in an argument for seventeen years. I can't believe I have to make nice with it now.
  • Brittany: It feels balanced. Like I'm wearing the same color on the outside as inside.
  • Rachel: I think I found it. I think I found the one.
  • Santana: It better be the one because I'm not doing this twice.
  • Rachel: [Comes out of the dressing room] I think this one is it!
  • Mercedes: Oh my god Rachel, you look so beautiful I could cry!
  • Rachel: You really like it?
  • Tina: Yes, you look like the bride on top of a wedding cake.
  • Quinn: If she were a tiny Jewish teenager.
  • Sugar: It's amazing! I can't believe you're getting married!
  • Quinn: I hate to be the buzzkill, but Rachel, are you sure that you're really ready for this?
  • Rachel: I've never been more certain about anything in my entire life. Besides, you can't spell "infinity" without "Finn."
  • Quinn: Okay. I've tried to reason with you, I've even tried to be nice about it, but I'm not gonna watch you ruin your life by trying to marry Finn Hudson.
  • Rachel: Look, I'm not going to, I'm gonna START my life with him.
  • Quinn: Is anybody else with me on this?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Quinn: Looks like I'm the only one with balls enough to say it. Rachel, the thing that I admire most about you is you're a girl that has never apologized for your ambition. You're the shiniest star of all of us... like it or not, it's true. And as we get closer and closer to graduation, you keep hiding your life behind this stupid Finn wedding thing. I never pegged Rachel Berry as the girl who'd be too scared to take on the world.
  • Rachel: Okay, well, if that's how you feel, then I'd prefer it if you didn't attend our wedding.
  • Quinn: It's okay. I won't. [Leaves]
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