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For auld lang syne…

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Bon Jovi and Lea Michele Rock New Years Eve special feature from the New Years Eve Blu Ray DVD.

Sorry about the quality it was the best I could do
Please credit me for the video if you plan on making gifs.
Copyright belongs to Warner Bro. Entertainment Inc.

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is that a certain friend of lea’s waiting for her on new year’s eve carpet. check out photo. 

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Advance Screening of “New Year’s Eve” on 12/8 @ Uptown Theater to Benefit Woodley House

I’m thrilled to announce our 15th Annual Movie Benefit will be on Thursday, December 8, featuring a very special advance screening of Warner Brothers Pictures’ New Year’s Eve, an ensemble-cast romantic comedy which, according to, has “more A-listers than the drive-through at In-N-Out after the Oscars.”


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I also wanted people to get to see me in another character that’s a bit more of an adult,” she pointed out. “I worked opposite Ashton Kutcher so that was really great. My character is 25 years old, a backup singer for Bon Jovi. It’s a great segue from ‘Glee’ for my fans to see me as this character who gets stuck in an elevator with Ashton for hours on New Year’s Eve. That was awesome. Ashton was hilarious to work with. I can’t believe that my first film love interest is Ashton Kutcher. If you would have told me that when I was in high school, I would have said you’re crazy.

Lea Michele

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Lea Michele filming re-shoots for ‘New Year’s Eve’ this weekend

Lea Michele took a few days off from filming Glee in L.A. this week to return to New York City for Fashion Week. On Thursday she stopped by Saks to take part in Fashion’s Night Out and today she checked out the Jason Wu show.

But it won’t be all play and no work for Lea while she’s in town, she’s also expected on the set of New Year’s Eve this weekend.

The movie will be filming around Herrmann Pl & Tuckahoe Rd in Yonkers on Saturday, 9/10/11.

The Garry Marshall-directed movie, which is a follow to Valentine’s Day, is expected to hit theaters on December 9, 2011.

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Fall 2011’s Biggest Breakout Stars


Lea Michele

Starring in: “New Year’s Eve” (December 9)
So Fresh: Michele made a splash in the Broadway hit “Spring Awakening,” but it looks like this “Glee”-ful gal has set her sights on the big screen. Remember “Valentine’s Day”? Well, Garry Marshall’s revisiting the whole intertwining-ensemble-holiday thing for “New Year’s Eve,” where Michele will sing with Jon Bon Jovi and apparently score a midnight kiss in Times Square from Ashton Kutcher. Sure, NYC nights are pretty exciting, but that’s a lot for anyone to handle. Michele is also putting her pretty pipes to work for “Dorothy of Oz,” the 3-D animated film that picks up where “The Wizard of Oz” left off.

Warner Bros.

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Lea Michele and Jon Bon Jovi—Is This the Duet of the Year?


Could this be the super duet the world has been waiting for? Seriously, when Jon Bon Jovi and Glee’s Lea Michele join forces to belt out a tune, you have to wonder if all other artists with thoughts of collaborating throw their hands ups and just say, Well there’s no topping that.

So what’s bringing these two vocal powerhouses together and how can we get a listen to this performance?

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Dec. 9. The two are just a few of the many (and we mean many) stars appearing in director Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day follow-up, New Year’s Eve. Why is the end of the year always so far away!

In the flick, Lea actually plays Elise, a backup singer to Bon Jovi’s rock star Jensen (such a stretch, right?)

Rocking some slick reverse matching outfits, no doubt these two are whipping the New Year’s crowd into a frenzy. Maybe with a little “Bad Medicine”?

Any requests? Let us know what you hope these two will be rocking out with as the clock counts down on 2011.
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